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5 Tips for Winter Roof Maintenance

5 Tips for Winter Roof Maintenance

It’s no secret that Utah winters can wreak havoc on your home, especially your roof, making roof maintenance crucial. 

Temperatures have already dropped, and the snow and other harsh winter weather have set in. During this season, it is essential to have a roof that can withstand the wear and tear of these elements and keep you and your loved ones warm and dry. The damage that winter weather can cause is extensive and can quickly become expensive if not addressed right away. Thankfully, homeowners can do quite a bit to maintain their roofs this cold season.

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5 Winter Roof Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Implement

  1. Quickly Remove Snow Buildup — As picturesque as a snow-covered roof may be, if left up there too long, it could cause quite a bit of damage. Layers and layers of snow are heavy, and that weight can put a significant amount of strain on your roof, putting any compromised areas at risk. Moreover, as the snow melts during the day, it creates a lot of water that can quickly freeze when temperatures drop and create ice dams that can cause severe damage, resulting in leaks. Keep your roof as dry as possible by removing ice and snow from your roof as soon as conditions allow.
  2. Roof Flashing Repair — Your roof’s flashing takes a beating all year long, but this is especially true during snow, rain, and ice season. Take some time to inspect your flashing. Look for warped or loosened areas and address any problems right away to avoid costly issues like water damage.
  3. Take Care of Wind Damage — Winter winds can cause severe damage to your roof. After the big storms, inspect your roof and keep your eyes peeled for signs of wind damage. Look for broken, damaged, and missed shingles and other components of your roof.
  4. Inspect Gutters — Because snow and ice dams can become extremely heavy, your gutter system is susceptible to damage during the freezing winter months. This means homeowners should check them regularly to ensure they are in good working order, remove ice dams when they form, and make repairs as soon as possible.
  5. Remove All Debris — During severe weather that comes with winter, all sorts of debris will find its way to your roof, such as leaves, branches, garbage, and more. When conditions allow, use a rake or broom to remove as much as you can carefully. You may want to consider hiring a professional to do the job.

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