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Commercial Roofing

We offer commercial roofing for both residential and commercial applications. Our licensed and insured roofers are experienced in all types of commercial roofing.

Commercial Roofing

If you own a business, then you probably know about the hassles of commercial roofing, including routine maintenance and repairs.

Fortunately, commercial roofing contractors cover several different aspects and offer many roof maintenance options for business owners. At We Do Roofing SLC, we know that business rooftops differ from residential roofing systems and that they don’t require the same maintenance. Our professional roofers know that commercial roofing is an all-encompassing term for the industry that involves the design, construction, installation, and upkeep of commercial roofing systems.

Many commercial roofing services believe that roofs for stores and offices should only be focused on durability and sturdiness as opposed to aesthetics. That’s what makes our company different—we believe that business owners shouldn’t have to sacrifice their store or office’s curb appeal in order to have a high-quality, durable roof.

If your business’s roof becomes damaged, starts to severely leak, or becomes partially or completely torn-off due to an extreme weather event, such as a tornado or strong gusts of wind, you’ll need to get your business’s roof repaired or even replaced by our specialists. We’ll work with you and your insurance company to ensure that you make the best roofing material choice for your unique property. Many business owners are too busy operating their company, so they may not know what separates an excellent roof from a mediocre one.

Before you start researching different roof types and making significant decisions, you must remember that your business’s roof is a major investment. It’s the roof over your team’s head and your store’s inventory, after all. For these reasons and more, it’s essential that you work with a licensed commercial roofing company like We Do Roofing SLC so that we can install and maintain your business’s roof the right way. We know that your roof is one of your biggest expenses and that you’ll likely need to replace it at least once, depending on how long you stay at that property.

We’ll gladly help you understand the different types of roofing materials and the difference between roof restoration, roof overlays, and complete roof replacements. Best of all, we also specialize in commercial roofing. This type of project is carried out alongside construction work for brand new structures, meaning our experts will be on-site to work on the roofing framework, underlayment, and roof covering. Our projects begin with a detailed inspection of your business’s structure, which helps us analyze the planned roof type and system, including the insulation, deck, and covering. Once we hear about your preferred roof type, we’ll let you know if it’s a good fit for your building’s needs.

Is your business in Salt Lake City or the greater valley, including West Valley City, West Jordan, Taylorsville, or Murray? If so, you can count on our team of licensed professionals at We Do Roofing SLC to handle all of your roof repair and replacement or commercial roofing needs. We’ll even go as far north as Bountiful. Contact us today to get a quick quote!

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