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Can You Do Roof Repairs in Winter?

Can You Do Roof Repairs in Winter?

To ensure you get the proper repairs done right the first time, you need a professional roof contractor that has the training and experience. We invite you to contact us for your roof repairs or replacement. We can schedule a consultation at your convenience, and ensure we take extra safety precautions at this time.

Although spring is due to arrive soon, in Utah, winter can stick around even into April. History shows snow can fall as late as early May, so winter roof repair should be done asap. High winds and damage from heavy snow might require repairing or replacing shingles, gutter repairs, and fixing leaking ceilings if needed.

Learn about winter roof repairing in today’s blog.

Repairing a Roof During Late Winter

While you may do most of your roof repairing in the summer, waiting until that long can make matters worse. If your roof leaks, the expanding and contracting of roofing materials occurs from freezing and thawing, which can worsen the damage. Now that the weather is starting to warm up and snow is waning, this is the perfect time to get your roofs repaired.

Roof Repair Challenges

The temperatures are heating up, but it’s still quite cold at night, so you may come up against some challenges when repairing your roof. Some of these challenges may include:

Increased health and safety precautions
Not taking enough time to do the job correctly, due to cold or harsh weather
Roofing materials not working as well as they do in moderate temperatures
Increased risk of new shingles being damaged with unexpected changes in weather

You can overcome these challenges, but it may take more time than you have or are willing to invest, which may increase risks. A roofing expert knows the risks and takes extra precautions with training and skill. Whatever you decide to do, it’s best to get newly damaged shingles and such repaired sooner rather than later.

Safety Precautions

Snow and ice make your roof slippery and dangerous, so take extra precautions when repairing shingles. It’s essential to wear winter-rated work boots and warm clothing, which have been tested for cold, wet conditions. An idea to think about would be de-icing or snow removal after a storm. It does take extra time and cost but will pay off in the long-run.

Also, ensure there’s adequate ventilation in your attic space. You may notice what looks like a roof leak; however, it could just be the condensation of moist interior air carried up into a cold and improperly ventilated attic.

Snow can disguise materials, skylights, or debris, so you need to pay close attention to where you walk and work. Also, heavy snow can be deceptive. The weight of snow or ice accumulation can make your roof unsturdy, thus increasing the risk of collapse. Professional roofing experts deal with these safety challenges daily, so keep that in mind when doing repair work yourself.

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