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The Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs: Repairs & Maintenance

The Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs: Repairs & Maintenance

Flat roofs, also called “low-slope” roofs, are commonly found on commercial buildings across the globe but are becoming more and more popular in residential homes. These roofs come with many different advantages and disadvantages. Without proper maintenance and care, a flat roof can turn into a significant issue. Knowing the pros and cons of a flat roof can help homeowners make an informed decision when roofing their property. 

Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of these roofs below.

The Pros of Flat Roofs

  • LOWER COSTS — With flat roofs, you can typically enjoy lower construction and repair costs. Of course, this varies by case and situation; however, generally speaking, because these roofs require fewer materials and take up less space than sloped roofs, initial construction and any maintenance and repairs are less expensive.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT — Flat roofs aid in keeping your home’s utility bills manageable. This is especially true for properties in warmer climates. Sloped roofs can let cool air out and can trap unwanted warm air. A flat roof means less overhead space.
  • LOTS OF POTENTIAL — There is a lot of potential for the flat roof outdoor space. This area is very versatile and can become a number of things for homeowners. Many people choose to turn their roof into an outdoor oasis complete with a living area on a deck or terrace and a flower and vegetable garden.

The Cons of Flat Roofs

  • COLD WEATHER ISSUES — Flat roofs are not always reliable in cold weather. Water can easily gather and pool, and ice dams can allow concerning amounts of snow and ice to accumulate on flat roofs, creating a dangerous hazard. Before building a home with a flat roof in areas with colder climates, make sure to talk to your roofer about your options, such as weathering proofing and materials.
  • LOWER LIFESPAN — Generally speaking, most roofs need to be replaced every decade or so, while sloped roofs can last 20 or more years.
  • CONCERNS OF “GREEN ROOF” — The appeal and advantages of a rooftop garden are significant, but it’s important to keep in mind the threat of invasive plant roots. If you do not adequately prepare and care for your plants, these roots can penetrate the roof, creating leaks and other issues.

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Every homeowner has envisioned what they want their home to look like, and a flat roof may be a part of that dream. While flat roofs require a bit more TLC, they can be a functional, efficient, and practical choice. 

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