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What Exactly is Membrane Roofing?

What Exactly is Membrane Roofing?

When it comes to proper roof maintenance for a flat roof, membrane roofing should be at the top of your list of priorities.

So what exactly is membrane roofing, and why is it so important? Let’s take a look!

What is Membrane Roofing?

Roofing membrane materials are most commonly used on flat roofs. They are thin, protective materials used to prevent leaks. While the traditional roofing style features a slant to allow water to slide off, flat roofs have recently come in style.

However, while they may look sleek and modern, many have found that water will pool, and it will sit even with the slightest dip. Over time, this results in a bowing, sagging roof, as well unwanted water damage that takes a while to fix, not to mention it will cost you a pretty penny.

Nobody wants to deal with mold or an uneven roof, which is why membrane roofs were made. Protect any kind of roofing, most especially a flat roof, with this thin but durable layer.

Membrane Roofing vs. Asphalt Roofing

When considering protection for your flat roof, it’s common that people will compare membrane roofing to asphalt roofing. While it can be effective, asphalt roofing is much more challenging to install, not to mention it’s more challenging to seal it evenly across your roof. You still have the possibility of a sagging roof, as well as weak points in the cement where water can get in.

How do I Know if I Need It?

You need a roofing membrane if you have a house with a flat roof. It needs some kind of protective layer to combat any rain, snow, or hail that comes your way, and this roofing is the most effective way to do it.

Don’t let this overwhelm you! Adding roofing membrane is lightweight, inexpensive, and a simple project for any roofing specialist. It’s well worth the investment to ensure your home is protected and your roof is set to last. When that first storm hits after the installation, you’re going to experience peace of mind knowing that you’ve done your part to protect your home.

We Do Roofing SLC for Membrane Roofing

If you own a home in Salt Lake City with a flat roof and you don’t have membrane roofing yet, don’t delay! It will be well worth your time to get a professional over to your home to get it installed. Here at We Do Roofing SLC, we are passionate about providing high quality roofing services for homeowners in the Salt Lake Valley. Contact us today to get more details!