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4 Tips For Selecting Your Shingle Color

4 Tips For Selecting Your Shingle Color

Because your roof is a big part of your home and can last for two or more decades, picking the right shingle color is important.

Features such as your brick, siding, or stucco, your front door and windows, roof, and more play a key role in your home’s curb appeal. If you’re hoping to increase your property’s overall curb appeal and want it to look it’s very best, it’s critical to choose the right shingle color. However, choosing the best shade of roof for your house can feel intimidating. Thankfully, we’re offering you several tips that will make selecting the right shingle color and presenting your home in the best possible way easy.

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4 Tips for Selecting Your Home’s Shingle Color

  • COORDINATE WITH YOUR CURRENT EXTERIORS — Unless you plan to repaint, re-side, or redo the entire exterior of your home, you’ll definitely want to coordinate your choice of shingle color with your current exteriors. What color is your home, front door, and shutters? All the colors on your home should be complementary to achieve a coordinated and appealing look. The colors should be dissimilar enough to provide plenty of contrast but still, need to work and tie in together. 
  • CONSIDER COLOR BLENDS — Shingles don’t only come in one solid color; there are also blend options available. The difference is one has variation, and the other doesn’t. Blends offer a mix of tones and shades that give more interest to your home. However, not all homes need solid shingles or blends. If your property’s exterior is simple, you may want to consider a more exciting and appealing look with blends. But if the siding on your house is varied, possibly featuring two or three different colors, you might want something a bit more simple to avoid clashing and go with solid shingles.
  • KEEP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD IN MIND — While your home is yours and should match your personal aesthetic, it’s important to keep your neighborhood in mind, especially if you have a homeowners’ association (HOA). Moreover, the most unique home in a community typically doesn’t sell as quickly because it doesn’t appeal to lots of buyers. So, for the purpose of potentially reselling your property one day, you may want to select a more conservative roof color.
  • AIM FOR VISUAL BALANCE — Darker colors tend to capture more attention than lighter or medium colors do. You can achieve visual balance by applying this principle to the color you select for your shingles. For example, the color of your property’s structure aside, homes with multiple levels look better with darker shingles because they make the roof look a lot more substantial, which balances out the height of your house. Single-story homes or rambler houses are better suited with medium shingles. Roofs with darker shingles on a one-story home can visually take over the property.

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