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Can Roof Repairs Be Done in the Snow?

Can Roof Repairs Be Done in the Snow?

Many homeowners try to get roof repairs done during the warm summer months when the weather is predictable and cooperative. 

However, your roof may need attention in the dead of winter and the thick of the snow. You may be wondering if roof fixes can be done during the colder months, and the answer is: Yes! 

Today, we are going to take a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of repairing your roof during winter. Continue reading below.

Should I Get My Roof Repaired in the Winter?

If your roof requires attention and needs to be repaired or replaced, yes, you should definitely have a professional handle the job—even if it is raining or snowing. With the heavy snowfall we experience in Northern Utah, even the smallest leaks can majorly damage your home, harming its structural integrity, and lead to expensive repairs. If your roof leaks, the constant freezing, and thawing that occurs each day in Utah winters can actually make the problem worse, leading to more leaks! If you need roof repairs, you should not wait for warmer months before addressing the issue.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Winter Roof Repairs

Pros of Winter Roof Fixes:

Availability — Because most homeowners aim to get their roofing repairs and replacements done in the spring, summer, or fall, many roofing companies have plenty of availability to help you during winter for repairs.

Ready for Spring — Since April showers bring May flowers, you can expect rainstorms all spring long. If your roof is repaired during the winter months, you and your roof will be ready for all of the rainy day’s Mother Nature throws your way.

Keep Your House Warm — It is no secret that winters in Utah are chilly! If your roof is damaged, you may be losing heat and throwing away hard-earned dollars in utility bills to keep your house warm. A mid-winter roof repair will ensure you are not letting valuable heat escape through holes in your roof, saving you money.

Cons of Winter Roof Fixes:

Temperature and Materials — Roofing materials behave differently based on the outside temperature, especially when conditions are below 40°. Some roofing materials should not be installed in low or freezing temps, while others can be installed regardless of the temperature and time of year.

Tricky to Schedule — Schedules during winter can quickly become jam-packed. Between the hustle and bustle of holidays, winter vacations, and hosting guests, you may find it challenging to find a time in your schedule that works for repairs. If you want to be there while the roofers are, it may be tricky finding a time that works for both of you.

Dangerous for Roofers — Roofing in the snow is obviously dangerous, especially if your roof is slanted or made of slippery metal. Roofers will often wait for a few warmer days, so the ice and snow can melt and can easily be shoveled off. Just remember, these people are professional roofers and climb atop roofs for a living, every day. Most roofers are cautious and careful and do not mind taking a couple of extra days to complete the job if necessary.

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